Kristine Hermosa prays for a “teachable, humble and obedient heart” in birthday message

  • Kristine Hermosa wrote a lengthy message for her 36th birthday
  • She thanked her husband, family and the Lord for many blessings
  • Her birthday wish is a “repentant, teachable, humble and obedient heart”

She may have left the limelight for a more simple life but Kristine Hermosa has a lot to be thankful for.

Image by Kristine Hermosa via Instagram

For her birthday, the actress wrote a lengthy message appreciating everything the Lord has granted her. Kristine described her life as consisting of ” many beautiful yet simple but very valuable things.”

The actress first mentioned her husband, Oyo Boy Sotto, whom she said made her birthday more meaningful and unforgettable. She said, “Thank you for always trying to make our everyday count as memorable. Minsan or most of the time, we fail.. but we don’t give up on trying together.”

Kristine, a devout Christian, also didn’t forget to praise and glorify the Lord for her many blessings. She said despite her mistakes, Jesus continues to bless her and her family.

She wrote, “Thank you, Jesus for my precious gifts despite my sinfulness. I know I don’t deserve these beautiful and unique people in my life but you are love — you love me and you exactly know what I need and what will make me happy in this lifetime that’s why I have them. I am forever grateful my Father.”

Lastly, Kristine wrote her birthday wishes and hopes for the future. As a loving wife and mother, the actress’ birthday wishes are all about her family. Kristine asked for God to protect and bless her family, marriage, children and loved ones.

Image by Kristine Hermosa via Instagram

Kristine prayed that not just her but everyone will be blessed with “humble and obedient heart.” She wrote, “That we will always have a repentant, teachable, humble and obedient heart.”

Kristine celebrated her 36th birthday last September 9.

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