Kris fondly invites single men aged 41 to 55 to add her as Facebook friend

  • Kris Aquino said she is willing to accept Facebook friend invitations
  • She also set her standards saying she wants single men aged 41 to 55, doctors and her sons’ preference, a pilot
  • Kris said she’s inspired to spread kindness, generosity and love

Kris Aquino fondly said she is inviting single men, doctors and even pilots to add her as a Facebook friend.

Image by Kris Aquino via Instagram

On Instagram, Kris announced that she now has a personal Facebook account and is looking for new friends. She said she’s open to men who wants to “i-friend ako privately.”

Kris wrote, “FYI, I now have a personal Facebook account, BUT I only have 8 friends- so far… anybody there na gustong i-friend ako privately?”

But Kris clarified that her “new friends” need to meet her standards first.

She explained, “If you’re male, please be between 41 to 55, single (pwedeng widowed, divorced, legally separated, or annulled), and if you’re a DOCTOR (especially a rheumatoid, immunology, allergy specialist, neurologist, anesthesiologist, pain management specialist, or cardiologist) promise ACCEPT agad ang friend request.”

The TV host also shared her sons’ preference. Kris added, “My 2 sons said okay with them ang pilot who has an international route- hehehe. (preview of what’s ahead of you).”

Kris went on to say that she is inspired to spread kindness, generosity and love.

Recently, Kris’ love life has been talked about by her followers after she posted a photo of her and her sons, hanging out with Willie Revillame.

Image by Kris Aquino via Instagram

Kris captioned the photo with, “Thank you Tito Willie for making Kuya Josh super happy.”

Kris followers teased her with Willie; saying they look very much like a happy family. She denied any romantic sparks and said, “Kuya Josh loves him too much and I think he deserves someone more peaceful?”

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