Jessy Mendiola explains why she and Luis will miss the ABS-CBN Ball

  • Jessy Mendiola shared that she and boyfriend Luis Manzano are going to miss the ABS-CBN Ball
  • She explained that the ball coincides with Edu Manzano’s birthday
  • The actress shared her appreciation for having been invited

Fans of Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano will be disappointed to know that the couple will be missing the upcoming ABS-CBN Ball.

Image by Jessy Mendiola via Instagram

The celebrity couple explained that as much as they want to attend, they chose to prioritize family first. Jessy said Luis’ father, Edu Manzano, will be celebrating his birthday over the weekend, in time with the ball.

Jessy said, “Hindi ako pupunta, sayang. Birthday kasi ni Tito Edu and we’ve planned something else. Kaya ayun, hindi kami makakadalo ni Luis.”

The actress shared they are grateful that they are always invited to the ball but decided it’s time to take a short break away from the party.

Jessy said, “We’re very thankful na every year naman, as always, lagi kaming invited. For now, we’ll rest it out muna and celebrate ‘yung birthday ni Tito Edu.”

Luis and Jessy celebrated their 3rd anniversary last June. Asked if there will be wedding bells soon, Jessy said they are taking their time.

She said, “Of course it’s there, but not siguro anytime soon. We’re planning for it, but we have so many things to do pa and we’re actually happy where we are right now, so no need to rush naman.”

Luis earlier explained that although he intends to marry his girlfriend, he wants to be financially responsible first.

Image by Jessy Mendiola via Instagram

He said, “Madaling magpakasal, sobrang dali. Pero ‘pag nilatag mo na na magkakapamilya kayo, especially ngayon, ‘di ba? Be realistic. Okay, fine. Maganda ang buhay natin ng extra amount of years, pero paano ‘pag may nangyaring hindi maganda.”

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