“It’s hard for us”: Darren Espanto asks fans for some respect

  • Darren Espanto asked his fans to respect everyone’s personal lives
  • This came after his close friend, Jayda Avanzado, became a target of criticisms online
  • Darren laments how some followers tend to control them for their personal choices

Darren Espanto admitted feeling the heat online that he had asked some of his fans for some respect.

Image by TWBA via Facebook

Speaking on “Tonight on Boy Abunda,” Darren opened up about his budding relationship with Jayda Avanzado. The unica hija of Jessa Zaragoza and Dingdong Avanzado has been romantically linked to the singer due to their closeness.

When asked by Tito Boy if Darren is courting the young lady, he denied it, but said maybe in the future. Darren said, “No, not yet. I feel like ‘pag nasa tamang edad na and we all know what we want.”

Because of their closeness, Jayda became an easy target of online criticisms by some of those following Darren.

Darren admitted he feels affected by all the critics as his relationships with other people has become “awkward.”

He said, “Sana po, respeto lang kay Jayda and to her family, and sa everyone who I hang out with, ‘yung mga friends ko po… I’m not talking about my fans in general, pero (may mga ilan.)”

The teen singer said it’s unfortunate how some fans feel they have the right to decide on who celebrities should be around with.

“In showbiz I feel people will tell you who you should be friends with, who you shouldn’t be friends with and it’s hard for us kasi minsan ang awkward na ‘yung situation kapag nagkikita,” Darren said.

With this, he asked some of his followers to learn to respect other people’s lives.

Image by Darren Espanto via Facebook

 “So I think, everyone should respect everyone’s personal life rin,” he added.

You can watch Darren’s interview on Tonight on Boy Abunda via ABS-CBN’s YouTube channel:

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