High school teacher in Cotabato uses biometric scanner to check students’ attendance

  • Teacher Amyfil Balonon from the Poblacion Polomolok National High School acquired a biometric scanner to help her in checking her students’ attendance
  • Since the device was installed, her students have been motivated to go to school early
  • It’s the first time that a teacher used such device in the school

A teacher in Cotabato believes that “technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational”, so she upped her game as a high school mentor using a modern device.

Image by Amyfil Balonon via Facebook

Ditching the usual time-consuming manual checking of student’s attendance, Teacher Amyfil Balonon acquired a biometric scanner, which she installed in her classroom, for a seamless checking of attendance.

Balonon, an ICT teacher at the Poblacion Polomolok National High School, has started checking her Grade 11 students’ attendance in August through the biometric scanner, which she personally purchased.

“Noong nag-start po kami ng paggamit ng biometric na fingerprint scanner, I was proud and I could say na na-motivate ko sila to come to class early,” Balonon said in an interview.

Her students, on the other hand, echoed Balonon’s statement; saying that since the biometric scanner was installed, they’ve been coming to school earlier than usual so they don’t miss a part of the lecture.

According to Balonon, manual checking of attendance is very time-consuming, so she decided to acquire the device. “Very time consuming, unlike noong gumamit na kami ng ganyan so when they enter the class, they’re just going to press their finger on the device,” she said.

“I just wanted to motivate also my students and I also want to inspire other teachers to do this one as well in their classroom,” she added.

Image by Amyfil Balonon via Facebook

It was also reported that the school administration of the Poblacion Polomolok National High School is looking for the possible implementation of the advanced attendance checking in other year levels.