Dimples Romana shares her joy over latest blessing, their 10th real estate property

  • Dimples Romana shared to her followers their latest blessing
  • She said she values her work like she values her family
  • The actress inspired other couples to work hard to achieve their dreams

Dimples Romana proudly shared with her Instagram followers the newest fruit of their labor, a brand new commercial building.

Image by Dimples Romana via Instagram

On Instagram, the actress said she is showing off with humility her blessings to prove that with hard work and prayers, dreams do come true.

She wrote, “Today is a very special day. After months of construction of our very first commercial property, na-bless na! Last year, binibiro ko si Lord, Sabi ko, ‘Lord, building na lang po ang wala kami.’ Naalala ko ang Diyos ang tunay na nakakaalam ng puso natin.”

“You may be judged, talked about, pulled down but He is the only one who knows your true intentions and your heart. And He will bless you accordingly,” she added.

The actress continued to share how much she takes care of her work. She said she doesn’t mind if “mapa-isa man or maraming eksena ko sa trabaho, bida o kontrabida, big or small role, okay lahat sa ‘kin.”

Dimples said she values her work the same way she values her family. “I gave it the same nurturing, the same love and the same respect,” she said.

The actress also disclosed that she and her husband started investing 16 years ago when they  just got married. Since then, they have  already accumulated 10 real estate properties.

Image by Dimples Romana via Instagram

They have already invested in two condominium units, four homes (including one for her mother), a beachfront property in Palawan, a farm and vacation home in Cavite and a mango and avocado farm in Batangas.

She’s inspiring other couples to dream big and work hard for it. Dimples said, “Tuloy lang ang laban, kahit na mahirap, kahit na parang imposible, kahit na pa-give up na kayo. We are always tested the hardest when something great is about to be given to us.”