Couple looking for hikers who candidly captured their engagement in Hawaii; wants them on their wedding

  • The couple who got engaged while trekking in Hawaii last August is now looking for the strangers who took a footage of their breathtaking engagement
  • The strangers, known only as a group of hikers, are now being searched so they could be invited to the wedding
  • The soon-to-be groom’s sister posted the video on Twitter and sought help from netizens in finding the strangers

A group of hikers happened to witness an intimate proposal atop a cliff in Hawaii last August, so they silently captured the magical moment on a video while they were on the other side of the trail.

Image Capture of a Video by Marni Shyne via Twitter

Amazed and dumbfounded, they took their moment to watch the beautiful engagement of the couple who were total strangers to them. Two weeks later, the sister of the soon-to-be groom posted the video on Twitter to seek help in finding the strangers so their family could  invite them to the wedding.

Marni Shyne posted the video of the proposal last September 1 saying: Attention! My brother proposed to his girlfriend in Hawaii and these strangers caught it on video! If you know who they are please DM me! We want to invite them to the wedding!

The 27-second video showed the brief proposal of Marni Shyne’s brother to his girlfriend from the moment he knelt down on one knee with a ring on the hand to his girlfriend’s yes; accepting the marriage proposal. After they shared a hug, the camera then pans to the beautiful scenery up to the small group of audience, who were silently holding their phones to capture the moment. Marni Shyne is now looking for this group of hikers, so they could be invited on the wedding day.

While others admired the candid documentation of the proposal, many wondered how they secured a copy of the video but did not get the names or contact numbers of the group. Marni Shyne then explained that the video was airdropped to them on the same day of the proposal but the group left right away; giving them no chance to get to know their names.

“It was airdropped and they left too quickly,” Marni Shyne said. “When you AirDrop you pick what device you send the picture/video to. And then the other device gets it and accepts it and that’s it. They usually come up as ‘Marni’s iPhone’ or something. No contact information connected.”

Image Capture of a Video by Marni Shyne via Twitter

The proposal took place last August 19 on the Awa’awapuhi Trail in Hawaii, according to Marni Shyne. The video has been trending on Twitter since its posting. It has been viewed 4.8 million times with 326k retweets.

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