Boyband A1 lead singer in talks to collab with Sarah Geronimo

  • The popular boy band A1 lead singer Ben Adams hopes he could do a collaboration with Sarah Geronimo
  • On Twitter, he asked his followers to suggest a popular Southeast Asian singer he can do a duet with
  • Sarah and Catriona Gray came up as the top 2 suggestions

The lead singer of the 90’s boy band A1, Ben Adams, is looking at collaborating with our very own Sarah Geronimo.

Image by Ben Adams via Facebook

If you’re a “Batang 90’s” you most likely have swooned to the songs, “Like a Rose,” “Everytime” and many more. The boy band behind the pop hits is A1, who rose to popularity around late 90s to early 2000s.

Now, the lead singer, Ben admitted he is “in talks” with VIVA Artist Agency to have Sarah Geronimo collaborate in a project soon.

It started when Ben tweeted about looking for a female artist to work with around Southeast Asia. He said, “I’m looking for a well known Southeast Asian female artist to duet with me on something……any suggestions? #Philippines #Singapore #Indonesia #Thailand #Malaysia.”

And maybe because A1 is really popular in the Philippines, it came as no surprise that two names who came up were from our very own.

Ben said the top two names that emerged with the most number of tweets were Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo and Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray.

And since Pinoy fans are such passionate people, they went on to share with Ben the many write ups and videos of their bets.

Image by Sarah Geronimo via Facebook

Ben finally announced his decision to choose Sarah. He tweeted, “Well, quick update, I’ve checked out all of the videos and articles you guys have sent me on @JustSarahG and I think she’s amazing! Have emailed @VivaArtists so let’s see what they say. Thanks, everyone! #Philippines.”

A1 is set to perform in Manila on November 9, 2019 at the Mall of Asia Arena for their “A1 and OTown Greatest Hits” concert.

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