Artist creates amazing masterpieces using ‘spilled’ beverages

  • Italian artist Giulia Bernardelli creates amazing masterpieces using ‘spilled’ beverages
  • She uses coffee, chocolate, and tea in creating very detailed artworks
  • Instagram users love her unique style and she has nearly 100,000 followers now

Don’t cry over spilled milk, they say. And perharps, we must not shed tears over any kind of spilled beverage — especially now that someone has been making art out of it!

Image via @bernulia | Instagram

Italian artist Giulia Bernardelli, who creates amazing masterpieces by using “spilled” beverages, has been posting her artworks on the photo-sharing app Instagram; where she already got nearly 100,000 followers, as of posting. With her unique style and detailed artworks, the passionate artist has managed to capture the attention of social media users.

“Super creative and beautiful,” @thecolourfulheartist commented on one of her Intagram posts.

“If I spilled my coffee and this happened, I’d probably start thr0wing coffee mugs around my house and my room would be filled with coffee paintings. It would be like an art gallery,” @andres_rincon_ said.

“What am I going to do without you today? It will be boring,” @caldacat wrote.

“Your works are amazing! Thanks for the inspiration,” expressed @jmghoussoub.

“Oh, my goodness. This is awesome. Congratulations from Brazil!” said @flavio_personalcoach.

On her Instagram bio, Giulia said, “My future starts when I wake up every morning. Every day, I find something creative to do with my life.”

Image via @bernulia | Instagram
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