7-year-old Fil-Am boy powerlifter reveals secret to power is “lumpia”

  • Jordan Mica, a 7-year-old Fil-Am boy has extraordinary strength as a young powerlifter
  • His father assured that the sport is safe for young children with proper guidance
  • Jordan said he attributes his strength for his love for “Lumpia”

What were you doing when you were 7 years old?  Well, a Fil-Am boy is becoming an online sensation for “pumping iron” at age 7.

Image Capture of Video by ABC10 via Facebook

Meet 7-year-old Jordan Mica, who, at his young age, can already lift heavy weights. His father, Jason Mica, a powerlifter himself has helped hone his son’s love for the sport since Jordan was just 2 years old.

He shared with ABS-CBN, “One thing that I always did was just leave a bar out here for him to play around with. And we have videos on his Instagram where he literally just picks it up and starts playing with it.”

“And I think it’s natural for youngsters to want to do what they see their parents doing and things like that. So it just progressed into lifting,” Jason added.

Jordan’s love for powerlifting has grown as he now enjoys joining competitions. He said he likes to push himself to the limit to see how far he can go.

He said, “It’s fun going to competitions because you get to meet new people. And you also get to try out how heavy you actually can go, like try. How heavy you’ve actually ever gone and go over your max.”

Jordan’s father assured that such extreme sport is good for young kids the same age as Jordan. He said he started powerlifting when he was young, as well as many other athletes.

Meanwhile, Jordan is having the time of his life meeting new friends in his “Lumpia and Deadlifts Team.”

Image Capture of Video by ABS-CBN

And true to their team’s name, Jordan says he credits his love for the Pinoy favorite, Lumpia for his extraordinary strength.

He said he can’t get enough of them “because it has meat and veggies.”