Vice Governor who waived salary for the poor wears Ifugao attire in board session

  • The Vice Governor of Nueva Vizcaya waived his monthly stipend for the poor
  • He wore Ifugao attire in a special session of the provincial board
  • Vice Governor Jose Tomas Sr: “Let us live simply and help others”

MANILA, Philippines – A politician from Nueva Vizcaya had gone viral again; this time, after he wore Ifugao attire while presiding in a special session of the provincial board to promote unity and culture of the Indigenous Peoples (IP).

Image via Vice Govenor Jose “Tam-an” Tomas, Sr. | Facebook

According to the PIA, Vice Governor Jose Tomas Sr. sat on his post complete with headress as he discussed with the board members some unfinished matters in their previous session.

“During our special session, I opted to wear my native attire and show my great pride in being an IP,” Tomas said via Facebook. “I am also delighted since our Internal Rules authorize the wearing of native attire during sessions; allowing your humble representation to be in Ifugao clothing,” he added.

Tomas, the first Ifugao to hold the Vice Governor post in the province with overwhelming votes, said IPs must be proud of Nueva Vizcaya as it is a home to diverse cultures and traditions.

Nueva Vizcaya, to note, celebrates Grand Ammungan Festival every third week of May to promote the unity of its villagers despite their diverse culture.

Last month, the same politician gathered attention online after saying he will wave his monthly salary for the benefit of the poor sectors in the province.

Image via Vice Govenor Jose “Tam-an” Tomas, Sr. | Facebook

He added that his son’s salary as executive assistant will be waived too for the same purpose.

“My heart is bleeding because I was expecting that chairmanship election should be based on expertise, passion and profession but again, we should follow the rule of the majority,” he added.

Tomas asked his constituents to unite and work despite political differences in order to advance the developments in the province.

“Our fellow IP leaders have promised to bring in their help such as coffee, and ‘Kamote’ (sweet potato), among others for our snacks. Let us live simply and help others.”

Image via Vice Govenor Jose “Tam-an” Tomas, Sr. | Facebook
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