Twitter uses Filipina’s tweet as billboard in New York City subway

  • Filipina named Tiffany Candelaria’s tweet was featured by Twitter and even made it as a billboard in NYC subway
  • Candelaria got to learn about it when Twitter personally reached out to her and told her that it was real and it’s really happening
  • Upon getting the message from Twitter, she asked her followers to take a photo of the billboard because she couldn’t believe what was happening

Twitter has been a platform where one can dump all her thoughts, frustrations, opinion, or anything under the sun. It has mostly worked as an outlet for many through the years.

Image via Tiffany Candelaria via Twitter

It was exactly what Tiffany Candelaria, a Filipina, who instantly became famous, has been doing since she joined Twitter. One day, she was just posting two contrasting photographs showing how she usually behaves on Instagram and Twitter and the next thing she knew, she has made it to a subway station in the United States.

Her tweet has just landed as a billboard in New York City!

She didn’t know about it until Twitter reached out to her last August 9; informing her that her Tweet became a billboard and has already been installed at 53rd avenue and 5th subway in New York. “It’s real! Your Tweet is in the subway as a billboard,” Twitter told her in a direct message.

The billboard was a screenshot of her Tweet last May 1, 2019 of two photographs captioned as: Me on Instagram vs me on Twitter. The first photo was a “double-tapped worthy” photo, showing her posing, well-tanned, clad in a two-piece bikini by the shore, while the next photo was her, still wearing the same outfit, lying under the sun beside all her stuff messily lying on the sand.

The post practically explains that when she’s on Twitter, she is more raw and real.

Image by Tiffany Candelaria via Twitter

Obviously surprised, Candelaria asked her followers, who are currently in the US, to track down the billboard because a part of her has yet to believe that it was real and happening. “What’s happening, Twitter,” she even said.

And then, the posts of selfies of Filipinos with the billboard came; making her and the Twitterverse believe that it was, after all, legit! Twitter also replied to her Tweet; reiterating that “It’s all happening.” Twitter also followed her account after that.

Image by Jam Ancheta via Twitter

It was disclosed that Candelaria’s tweet was among the several other Tweets featured by Twitter in the NYC subway.

One of her friends asked if Twitter notified her about using her tweet, which she responded with: They definitely notified me and even asked me if I have a problem with it but I didn’t respond so that was the go signal, I guess. It’s definitely a campaign because there are a lot of Tweets at the NYC subway not just mine.

She explained that she didn’t reply to Twitter’s inquiry because she though it was a spam. Her tweet has since trended with 16.5K likes.

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