Team Kramer enjoys quality time ‘away from gadgets’

  • Team Kramer took a stroll to enjoy some fresh air
  • Doug and Chesca said it was great to spend some time outdoors and be away from gadgets for awhile
  • The celebrity parents have often encouraged their children, Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin, to enjoy playtime without gadgets

The family of Doug and Chesca Kramer spent some quality bonding time with their kids.

Image by Chesca Garcia-Kramer via Instagram

Team Kramer decided to take some fresh air and spend some time “away from gadgets.” On Instagram, they shared a photo of their beautiful family enjoying the outdoors.

Chesca explained that one of their considerations when they chose their house location was the vast area still full of trees and greens.

She wrote, “One of the main reasons we moved. To enjoy the outdoors and have mini adventures with the kids! We stumbled upon a dead end and a totally abandoned road! Super love this! Away from gadgets and enjoying nature! Just like how I remember our childhood! So blessed!”

Many netizens agreed that it’s best to allow children to spend some time outside.

A netizen wrote, “Super true. Raise our kids, the way we were raised, screen time was limited.”

Doug and Chesca have often shared how they want their kids, Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin to learn to enjoy playtime without gadgets.

The celebrity parents have recently surprised their kids with their very own “adventure zone” in their new house. It features own indoor playground, which has climbing areas, two slides, and a ball pit.

Image  byDoug Kramer via Instagram

An earlier post also showed how Doug likes to play “bahay-bahayan” with his kids rather than see them stuck on gadgets.

He wrote, “Who used to do this when they were kids?! I remember growing up and playing bahay bahayan under our table with my siblings all the time! It’s become a favorite for my kids too! No gadgets, no movies, just their pillows, books and imagination!”

Image by Doug Kramer via Instagram
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