Pops Fernandez reveals why she stopped singing on stage

  • Pops Fernandez was once dubbed “The Concert Queen” during her heyday
  • She revealed she stopped singing in front of people because she has acid reflux
  • The singer added she would sometimes lose her voice right after singing

Pops Fernandez has long shied away from singing on the spotlight.

Image by Pops Fernandez via Facebook

Once dubbed as the Concert Queen, Pops would fill up any concert arena to serenade the crowd. Now years have passed and fans have missed hearing Pops sing on stage. On a rare chance, the singer shared why she decided to stop singing in front of people.

On LSS The Martin Nievera Show via ABS-CBN’s YouTube channel, Pops can be seen sharing a ride with her ex-husband Martin. The ex-couple candidly talked about their lives, including their past.

At one point, Martin asked Pops why she just stopped performing. He asked her, “Would you like to sing again?”

To which Pops replied, “I still do.” Martin clarified, “No, I mean like in ASAP Pinoy Presents: Pops Fernandez, The Concert Queen.”

Pops went on to share, “I stopped singing because totoo to I didn’t even announce it anymore. I also suffered from acid reflux. There was a time after one song wala na akong boses. I had that before…Right after we got separated.”

Martin asked in jest, “So, the acid reflux was also my fault?” Pops laughed and joked, “Yes, for lack of other things to blame.”

Pops revealed last year that while she missed performing on stage, she’s contented with her life. She feels grateful as she is also busy with her business.

Image by Pops Fernandez via Facebook

But it looks like Pops is back in the limelight. She and Martin kickstarted their “Two-gether Again 2019 Concert Tour” this August and in September in Canada and US.

You can watch the video from ABS-CBN YouTube channel:

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