‘Petal-thrower’ man trends for making his bestfriend’s marriage proposal perfect and romantic

  • A man named Wael Mansour instantly went viral after going the extra mile to help his bestfriend pull off a perfect and romantic marriage proposal
  • He volunteered to throw rose petals on his pal’s girlfriend to add more romance in the moment, then was caught in a video doing task, and went viral
  • Since then he replaced his Twitter username into @petalthrower, sparking humor online

In every successful marriage proposal, the spotlight should be on the couple. However, it was a different case for this particular proposal gimmick that recently went viral.

Image by Wael Mansour via Twitter

Charbel Abillama pulled off a simple yet romantic rose petal-raining proposal for his girlfriend Kristina Hanna down the stairs of a building in Ottawa, Canada last August 4. There was a crowd of onlookers, cheering for them and clapping when Kristina said yes. That was the couple’s moment.

But there was also another person in the proposal who had his own moment. Charbel’s bestfriend named Wael Mansour went viral after he was caught in the video for obviously being the man behind the rose petal-throwing scene as Kristina approached Charbel.

Squatting in the corner down the stairs, Wael can be seen throwing rose petals from a bag, showering Kristina to achieve a romantic feel. Kristina even got a glimpse of him doing the act but just like a man who was in a mission, Wael went on with the petal throwing task.

To add more color to the story, Wael’s petal throwing task was actually an improvised one after the original proposal plan failed due to security concerns. Charbel was supposed to ask the question outside the famous Château Laurier hotel in Ottawa, Canada but 20 minutes before the plan, he learned that proposals are not allowed in the area.

Image Capture of a Video by Alison Mah via Twitter

So they opted to do the proposal at the bottom of the stairs. In order to make up for the failed initial plan, a report said, Wael volunteered to be a “petal thrower.” The gesture went viral that the spotlight instantly focused on Wael.

In an interview Wael said: It was really special to be a part of my friend’s big day but I was there purely for the support and to help set up. I had no idea my involvement would blow up into this viral thing like it did.

“The petal throwing was so spur of the moment. I was just trying to use up all the extra petals!” he added. Later, he even changed his Twitter username to “@petalthrower”. The video, which was taken by Alison Mah, who happened to be in the area during the proposal, has been viewed for over 14 million times now.

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