Man laments sad truth on public transpo in Metro Manila: When a bus does come, people would rush to it like it’s a free ice-cream truck

  • A man took his frustration over the controversial bus ban on EDSA to Facebook, saying it is a scene that breaks his heart every night as he goes home
  • He posted a photo of a throng of commuters waiting for a ride home amid the bus ban dry run that day
  • His post instantly trended online getting thousands of reactions and shares

One can only understand some other’s sufferings if he finds himself in that person’s shoes, and this is exactly what Filipino commuters have been asking from government officials in order to see and feel the real problem.

Image by James Thomas Veloso via Facebook

The real problem that has been pestering Filipino commuters everyday and the same real problem that has remained unsolved and even keeps on worsening each passing day.

Everyday, we see numerous versions of stories of sufferings from different people from all walks of life on social media. Each day won’t be over without coming across a post lamenting how hopeless Metro Manila’s public transportation is.

And at night, we feel so drained upon reaching our homes, so exhausted, yet we have no choice but to repeat the same process every waking day of our lives. It’s like a trap we can never get rid off.

This is what a young professional lamented on Facebook last August 7, when the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) pushed through with the dry run of provincial bus ban on EDSA in an attempt to solve traffic. Many commuters, mostly workers, were badly affected by the controversial scheme.

James Thomas Veloso took his seemingly bottled up frustration over the whole situation on Facebook saying: This is a scene my heart breaks to see every other night. People waiting for a bus home crowding the three lanes of the Ayala southbound bus stop, waiting for an hour (or two, if unlucky). When they can (as in, no policemen in sight), they would cross the other side of Ayala Avenue and walk as far as Buendia.

Image Capture of a Video by ABS-CBN News via Youtube Channel

“And when a bus does come, people would rush to it like it’s a free ice-cream truck,” Veloso described as he accompanied his post with a photo of throng of commuters patiently waiting for a ride home.

“I have a question to the MMDA: is this what you want all of us who cannot afford even the downpayment of a car to endure every night? No wonder productivity in Metro Manila is fast draining. Commuting now takes six hours every day. That, plus an eight-hour workday, means people are tired all the time. Not just tired – exhausted! Every day! And you expect that kind of populace to be on top of their job?” he lamented.

“Why don’t the stooges that run our traffic system get out of their cars and experience being a commuter for once? You know what, I had this irrational nightmare that this crowd might one day turn into anarchic zombies who would resort to carjacking just to get home. Is that what you want, MMDA?” Veloso concluded as if he summed up all our thoughts in his post.

We can only agree with him — a hundred percent.

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