Love and comfort: Video of dog comforting its owner touches netizens

  • A video of a dog comforting its crying owner touches people online
  • Video shows how the owner’s condition worries the dog
  • It ended up giving its owner a very comforting hug

Dogs are not just loyal animals. They are also kind, comforting, and loving — just like the dog that recently touched so many hearts online.

Image capture via Facebook

In the Facebook group Animal Lovers Supporters, member Ritisha Rawat shared a video showing a dog comforting its crying owner. The video shows how the owner’s condition was affecting the dog; which culminated to the loving pet giving its owner a very sweet and comforting embrace.

“Heart touching video. He can’t stand seeing his owner cry. Nice, how he hugs her! These poor baby only needs your love and care,” Ritisha wrote on the caption of the video that she shared on the group.

A lot of members were moved by the video; leaving sweet comments for the pet animal.

“Dogs are the same as humans. They have feeling also. Very good dog,” Carin Laroco wrote.

“Oh my God, so cute lovely really! True love. They are angels,” Alka Chaudhary Varma said.

“I had a dog same like that. I also couldn’t see any member of family crying. Really I miss him too much. Still I cry for him and he was like my child,” Praveen Sanadhya commented.

Something to make you smile! Here’s the video of the dog while comforting its owner:

Image capture via Facebook
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