Juday shares how they teach their kids to be smart with money and still be generous

  • Judy Ann Santos revealed how they have taught their children the value of hard-earned money
  • She also encourages her kids to be generous to those in need
  • Juday told her kids that everything they have is a blessing that should be shared

Judy Ann Santos shared how she had taught her children to choose the cheaper option rather than the branded, expensive things.

Image by Judy Ann Santos via Instagram

Sure, Juday and husband Ryan Agoncillo must have enough savings to keep their family comfortable. But it doesn’t stop them from teaching their kids to be smart about money and finances. In fact, their young children Yohan, Lucho and Luna don’t mind getting “cheap” toys.

Judy Ann told Pep, “They’re not materialistic people, e. Basta nagustuhan nila ang isang bagay, regardless kung mura o mahal, doon sila sa mura.”

She explained her children were taught not to be “brand conscious.” “Kasi aware sila, conscious sila, hindi sila naniniwala na dapat mahal ang gamit mo,” Juday said.

Another important trait that the celebrity parents are teaching their children is to be generous, especially to the less fortunate.

Juday said, “As much as possible, kami ni Ry [Ryan], we try to tell them na whatever we have is a blessing. So we also share. We share what God has given us because everything we have now is temporary. The material things are just there so you can buy it anytime and you can give it away.”

She also encourages her kids to interact with street children.

Image by Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo via Instagram

“I allow them to converse with the children on the streets asking for money. I always tell them if you have extra baon, you give it to them. If you’re not comfortable giving them money, then you give them your extra baon ng pagkain,” Juday added.

This celebrity mom’s way of raising children will surely make you remember a popular verse that goes “Train up a child the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

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