Heart and Chiz Escudero’s advice on making relationships last: “Work on it”

  • Heart Evangelista released her latest “Adulting 101 Part 2” with her husband Chiz Escudero as guest
  • Chiz shared that when it comes to relationships, it’s important to work on it even during tough times
  • Heart also shared she’s thankful for all her past relationships because it helped her become a better person

Heart and Chiz Escudero got candid and shared some insights on making a relationship last.

Image Capture of Video by Heart Evangelista via Youtube

On Heart’s latest vlog, she featured her own husband, Chiz, as part of her “Adulting 101 Part 2” episode.

The couple shared what it’s like to be married and how they make things work for them. Heart asked her husband on what he thinks is the key to making a relationship last.

Chiz replied, “You work at it. As I’ve said it’s not gonna be all easy, all smooth so you definitely have to work at it and sometimes even fight for it, that will be the best, whether or not your relationship will last.”

Chiz explained that it’s not always rainbows and butterflies but the important thing is not to give up and continue to work on the relationship.

“There are times that it will be easy as if you are coasting along as if you’re not working at it but it is just arriving naturally. Times that you have to work at it then you do. Times that you have to fight for it then,” he added.

Heart also recalled her past boyfriends and how these relationships helped her become better.

She told Chiz, “Looking back I really don’t regret everything. I am glad that I went through that because I think I know how to love the right way, the proper way, if there is even such a thing.”

Image Capture of Video by Heart Evangelista via Youtube

Heart added that it made her ready to love Chiz wholeheartedly. She continued, “For somebody like you, you deserve the world.”

You can watch Heart’s vlog via her YouTube channel:

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