Gov’t debunks claims that dummy eggs are sold in Philippine market

  • Amid a viral video of a netizen claiming that the eggs they bought were counterfeit, the government belied that unreal eggs were out in the market
  • Experts also explained how to spot a real and dummy egg
  • The Department of Agriculture urged the public not to believe the claims, says they should further examine if they find such eggs

Experts had debunked claims that there are dummy eggs being sold in the Philippine market.

Image Capture of a Video via Jerry Velasquez BLOG Youtube Channel

Following a video on Facebook shared by a netizen from Cainta, Rizal claiming that the eggs they bought were dummy, experts clarified that it is not true that there are dummy eggs in the market at present.

In a GMA report, the Department of Agriculture belied the claim amid a viral video showing that the eggs bought in Cainta had firm, unbreakable yolk. When interviewed, Ritz, the uploader of the video, said that for her the egg is not real because it was the first time she encountered an egg with a yolk that round and unbreakable.

In the video, one of the women claiming that the eggs were not real said it looked like the yolk was made of flour.

However, a commercial farm owner, Boying Ramos, told GMA News that it is only natural for egg yolk to be firm when the egg is fresh from the freezer. He added that if the eggs were indeed dummy then it should not turn white when cooked. Ramos added if the eggs are counterfeit, it should be sold at a higher price.

The Philippine Egg Board, on the other hand, informed the public that fresh eggs have round, fat yolks.

Image via Pixabay

Meanwhile, Engineer Arnel de Mesa, regional executive director of the Department of Agriculture in Region IV-A appealed to the public to not believe this claim; saying that if ever they found such they will have to run tests in their laboratory to study the composition of the eggs that are claimed as unreal.