Globe, PLDT fires up tech upgrade to 5G so Filipinos can enjoy quick internet access

  • Globe and PLDT are moving towards their plans of upgrading to 5G technology
  • PLDT partnered with other tech companies for the upgrade
  • Globe reportedly will use $1.2-billion capital spending to bring high-speed internet connection in the country

MANILA, Philippines – Having problem in sending e-mail, instant messages, watching movies, reading news due to poor internet connection?

Image capture from Rhon Purificacion’s IG photo

Well, worry no more. The country’s top telecommunication companies are already starting with their roll-out plan on the next-generation 5G equipment so Filipinos can enjoy faster internet connection.

During PLDT’s 2019 Digital Convention last month, the company announced its alliance with other tech companies like Cisco, Ericson, Fujitsu, Nokia, Microsoft, Clark Development Corporation and Huawei.

The alliance is related to PLDT’s aim to upgrade to 5G technology; seeking to reach new heights that have never before been entered in the realm of technology.

However, as per ABS-CBN News, PLDT Inc. President Manuel Pangilinan admitted switching to 5G will “take a while” since rolling out the next-generation connectivity standard is “difficult and expensive.” Pangilinan also noted the lack of 5G compatible devices which hampers the rollout.

According to the NTC, communications towers can cost up to P8-million.

Globe Telecom Inc., on the other hand, will spend $1.2-billion capital spending this year to offer high-speed internet to its customers. In fact, it has just launched Southeast Asia’s first 5G broadband service.

Globe would use Huawei’s equipment like radios and modems, the telecom’s chief commercial officer Alberto de Larrazabal said based on Reuters’ post.

Larrazabal added that they hired independent firms to ensure that their service’s security protocols are up to date and ensure privacy and security issues are addressed.

Huawei and Finland’s Nokia were Globe’s equipment providers for its 4G service.

5G, the fifth generation cellular technology, represents a massive upscale of network technology promising data transfer many times faster than a blink of an eye, high bandwidth and greater opportunities for connectivity and reliability.