From ‘babe to bes:’ Ex-lovers now BFFs after guy turns out to be gay

  • An unusual love story between a couple has captivated netizens
  • Valerie and Christian used to be just like any couple in love, except that Christian is gay
  • When they broke up, Christian finally “came out” and the two have become the best of friends

Truly, love comes in unexpected ways. A couple in Bohol shows that love doesn’t have to end, no matter how unusual your love story may be.

Image Capture of Video by GMA News via Youtube

For Valerie Dabatos, she didn’t expect that something special would come out from a simple joke with her friend, Christian.

The 20-year-old student shared she was once courted by someone she didn’t like. To discourage her suitor, she asked Christian to pretend as her boyfriend. It was all games and play until love struck them unexpectedly. Christian started looking at Valerie as “more than a friend.” He said, “Para siyang anghel, kapag nakikita ko siya parang nagslow motion.”

Christian decided to pursue Valerie and she did say “yes.” While in the relationship, Valerie already kept hearing rumors that her boyfriend is gay. She was able to confirm that it was true when she found out Christian was interested with the guy who used to court her.

“Nangibabaw pa rin ang love,” Valerie said. Despite knowing Christian’s preference, the girlfriend accepted her gay boyfriend.

But eventually, their relationship reportedly turned sour because they were always arguing. When Valerie called it quits, Christian was devastated. His hurt became empowerment as Christian finally decided to “come out.”

Image Capture of Video by GMA via Youtube

Christian said, “Malaya!”

He finally went all out to be free and even joined gay pageants. During his first contest, Valerie was there to support her ex-lover.

Now, the former lovers are best friends. They have laughed at their unusual love story. Their love for each other has gone beyond romantic to become friends for life.

You can watch their story from GMA’s YouTube channel:

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