“Don’t want divorce? Don’t get one”: Hontiveros defends Divorce Bill anew

  • Senator Risa Hontiveros defended the Divorce Bill anew
  • She said “walang pilitan sa diborsyo” but asks that those suffering in failed marriages be given a second chance
  • Hontiveros recently re-filed the controversial bill after it failed to pass the 17th Congress

Senator Risa Hontiveros defended the Divorce bill after re-filing it last July.

Image by Risa Hontiveros via Facebook

The Divorce Bill has been in the center of debate among Filipinos as it seeks the legal dissolution of a marriage.

Hontiveros’ version of the Divorce Bill wants to consider “psychological incapacity of either spouse,” irreconcilable marital differences,” marital rape, or being “separated for at least five years” as possible grounds for divorce, among others.

According to the senator, she respects people who choose to marry and believes in marriage but she also wants to support those who are trapped in failed relationships. In a series of tweets, Hontiveros defends the divorce anew. She clarified “walang pilitan sa diborsyo” but hopes a second chance be given to others.

Hontiveros tweeted, “Don’t want divorce? Then don’t get one! But let others have a second chance in life.”

She also explained why the statement “Divorce will harm the institution of marriage” is wrong.

Hontiveros said, “Marriage should be more than just what‘s on paper. It should be a setting where love, commitment, taking care of each other & growth are present. Let’s deepen our understanding of marriage: a home where there is love.

Hontiveros cited that the annulment process is so lengthy and expensive.

Image by Risa Hontiveros via Facebook

She also described that the process of establishing the “psychological incapacity” before marriage is inhumane. She explained, “Kailangan patunayan ang psychological incapacity ng asawa, kaya pilit naglalabasan ng bah0. Imagine: you’re forced to build a case against your partner, the father or mother of your kids. It’s inhumane to subject people to such.”

Hontiveros believes divorce will allow couples trapped in failed marriages to have a “clean break” instead of the painful and costly annulment.

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