Chesca responds to netizen who said her homeschooled kids are “deprived”

  • Chesca Garcia Kramer clarified that her homeschooled kids are not “deprived” but actually enjoy learning at home
  • She also denied the misconception that homeschooled kids lack social skills
  • The celebrity mom said they preferred homeschooling because it gave their children time to learn according to their own phase

Chesca Garcia-Kramer took the time to respond to clear up a misconception a netizen has about homeschool.

Image by Team Kramer via Facebook

On Instagram, Chesca shared that her kids, Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin are homeschooled. After sharing some of the benefits of homeschooling, several netizens started to ask questions about their decision.

A netizen asked, “Why deprive them of the fun of going to a regular school? Just asking.”

The celebrity mom replied, “Deprived? I never felt deprived when I was homeschooled. My kids don’t feel that at all. In fact they love and enjoy it.”

In a previous post, Chesca explained the reasons why she preferred to have her three kids homeschooled. She wrote, “In homeschool, we hold our own time. We can discuss and understand the lesson more thoroughly because we are not hurrying. There is mastery in what we do. Children mature at their own time, and honestly, having their parents around them gives them confidence.”

She also clarified the misconception that homeschooled kids lack social skills.

Chesca said, “When they are around people they are not shy and can express themselves, I guess it’s the constant assurance that they get at home that gives them the confidence that they can do it. They are comfortable socializing with people from all ages. They learn to communicate well and are allowed to express themselves.”

Image by Team Kramer via Facebook

When one parent commented that homeschooling is only a “luxury” and not an option for working moms, Chesca no longer insisted the idea. Instead, she urged mothers to “just do what you can.” After all, mothers know what’s best for their children.

Image by Team Kramer via Facebook page
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