Cassy and Mavy Legaspi share sweet birthday greetings to mom Carmina

  • The Legaspi twins, Cassy and Mavy, shared sweet messages online for their mother Carmina’s birthday
  • Carmina turned 44 years old on August 17
  • The celebrity mom also received greetings from her colleagues in showbiz

The Legaspi twins shared heartwarming birthday greetings to their mom Carmina Villaroel.

Image by Cassy Legaspi via Instagram

Carmina is one lucky mother to be blessed with sweet children. Cassy and Mavy took to social media to greet their beloved mom for her 44th birthday last August 17.

Cassy shared a throwback photo of her young self with mom Carmina. She said, “Happy birthday, mama! I love you so much.”

Referring to herself, Cassy continued, “Sorry, only Chuchay gets to kiss the birthday girl.” Carmina also sweetly replied, “Thank you, baby girl. My Chuchay. I love you!”

Her twin, Mavy, also shared a photo of him with his mom and had a short but nevertheless sweet message. He said, “Feliz cumpluaños, mama [Happy birthday, mama]”

To which Carmina replied, “Gracias hijo mio. Te quiero [Thanks my son. I love you].

Carmina shared a video of her blowing her birthday cake on Instagram. Greetings from her friends in showbiz and many of her supporters also poured in. She received a beautiful birthday cake from Aiko Melendez, flowers from Candy Pangilinan and balloons from Gelli De Belen.

“Thank you God. Thank you family,” Mina said.

Image by Carmina Villaroel via Instagram

She also thanked her friends for their gifts and said, “I love them. Yes, now I feel extra special. Hehe. Simple things make me happy. I love you!”

Last year for Carmina’s birthday, she got emotional over the surprise gift she received from her husband, Zoren.

While in tears, Carmina hugged her husband’s birthday gift, a teacup Pomeranian. She wrote, “Tatay surprised me again I cried. So happy with my early birthday [gift]. Thank you, Tatay!”

Image by Cassy Legaspi via Instagram