6-year-old girl pens letter to companies asking them why there are no female toy soldiers

  • At such young age, Vivian Lord decided to speak up and raise the issue of the absence of women toy soldiers
  • She realized that there were no women, only army men, when she was playing with plastic toy soldier so she wrote a letter to companies asking them to make female version
  • One company responded and this could be the start of making the project happen

Wondering why there’s no woman plastic toy soldier, a six-year-old girl began drafting letters to toy companies to ask them to make female versions of these little toys.

Image by Brittany Lord via CNN

Vivian Lord has started playing with plastic toy soldiers this summer when she realized that there were no women soldiers in her toys, a report said. Then she decided to make a stand through her small voice — she started drafting letters to toy companies to demand answers for her questions and request for female toy counterparts.

According to her mom, Brittany, of Little Rock, Arkansas, Vivian wrote: Why do you not make girl army men? My friend’s mom is in the army, too! S, why don’t you make them too. This statement from Vivian took her mom by surprise; saying, “I never thought of that before.”

In her letter, Vivian also said, “Please can you make army girls that look like women. I would play with them every day and my friends would to.”

In a bid to answer Vivian’s questions, her parents looked for female toy soldiers but all they could find were pink male soldiers, the report said, which did not convince Vivian. “Soldiers don’t wear pink. They all dress the same,” Vivian told her parents.

That’s a pretty bold statement from a six-year-old, though!

Image via Pixabay

The report added that Vivian and her mom reached out to three companies about Vivian’s concern and one has responded. The company has expressed intention to pursue the project for years now and they only needed ample support to make it happen.