Woman narrates near fall on “ketchup scheme” of three guys inside a bus

  • A commuter named Krizza Dolor narrated her encounter with three guys who put ketchup on her hair to distract her so they can do their scheme
  • But Dolor suddenly realized that the guys were after her phone
  • The guys were groomed neatly as if they were also going to work, Dolor said

Kindness is sometimes staged in order to deceive people.

Image by Krizza Dolor via Facebook

This scheme is mostly prevalent in the streets of Manila, where passersby and commuters can be an easy target for unscrupul0us individuals. And this was exactly what happened to a lady named Krizza Dolor.

Dolor, as she narrated on her Facebook page, was onboard a bus going to Buendia last July 9 when a man from behind tapped her back to inform her that she has some ketchup stains on her hair.

“Miss ano ‘yang nasa buhok mo, may sakit ka ba?” the unidentified man asked her. She automatically checked her hair and confirmed that she actually had ketchup there. It could have been an act of kindness but Dolor was quick to notice that there was something wrong.

“I didn’t bother to answer the guy behind me. The other guy beside me also tried to distract me, while the other guy behind didn’t stop, and then I realized I was holding my phone that time, and the guy na katabi ko, he was looking at my phone attentively whenever I tried to wipe the ketchup,” she said.

Thinking that the guys might be after her phone or something valuable, Dolor immediately put her phone inside her bag and took her alcohol for self defense.

Image via Pixabay

“I saw them na nagsesenyasan. ‘Di ko na sila pinansin afterwards until sa bus stop sa may LRT Buendia. Bumaba din sila, and thankfully madaming tao, ‘di na nila ‘ko sinundan,” she said.

Dolor posted her experience in order to warn other commuters who might fall prey to this kind of scheme perpetrated by “decent-looking guys who dress like employees.”

“Guys if something happen like this, be attentive. Safety first, don’t let them get you off guard, and once you get off, go to a secure place and double check your valuables and report immediately if something was stolen,” Dolor advised her fellow commuters.

“And always don’t forget to pray for safe travels,” she concluded.

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