The best thing to do on a bad day is to laugh, psychologist says

  • According to a psychologist, the emotions that we have based on what we are experiencing is completely untrue
  • Psychology says that even though we may not control the situation that is happening around us, we can actually control how to perceive it
  • It is suggested to laugh during bad situations because it releases negative hormones and bad vibes
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    We were taught from the beginning that the emotions we have – happy, sad, angry – are the results of what we are experiencing. But Karlyn Borysenko, an organizational psychologist, notes that this saying is completely false.

    On her feature article that was published in Forbes website, Borysenko pin points that what we are experiencing may be a direct result of how we are constructing our emotions based on the things that are happening around us.

    No matter what happens, Borysenko noted that we have more power than we think during ugly situations, only if we create positive emotions.

    In order to do so, the psychologist suggested to remove the notion of “good or bad” judgments from the scenario. She explained that the minute we start judging something as a “bad situation,” we are already eliminating positive opportunities that might exist within it.

    “Things only have the meaning that we choose to assign them, and we can always find ways to look at things from a more positive light,” Borysenko added. It is indeed worth pondering over.

    So the next time you think you are having a bad day, the result may be that you will feel irritated and down all day. But if you make the choice to respond differently, like laughing, you’ll change your experience.

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    Laughing is only one of the many ways to deal with “bad” things.  Laughing actually releases negative vibes and even negative hormones out of our body. Plus, it can even give your abs a good work out.

    You can laugh about your “bad” situation, but you can also just laugh at something else that’s totally unrelated to your problems –watching cute animal videos and viral funny vine videos often do the trick.

    “Laughter has so many positive benefits that will help you navigate all the tricky things you might encounter,” Borysenko disclosed.

    She also suggested to take some deep breaths to clear the head or make a list of things we are grateful for to refocus our energy on the things we have going on.

    In general, it is important to find even the smallest things to be grateful about in ugly situations. We are the enemy of our own, we can make things easier and lighter by changing our mindset and releasing the negativity to feel better about everything.

    If you read this far, it could only mean you have a positive inclination to learn more about things that could be helpful to you.