Runner celebrates ‘win’ too early, he ends up finishing 10th

  • Ethiopian runner Hagos Gebrhiwet was leading the race but dropped to 10th place because of an unfortunate mishap
  • When he realized his error, he tried to recover but it was too late 
  • During an interview, he explained that he got confused

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating a win but for Ethiopian runner Hagos Gebrhiwet, celebrating was the only mistake he did.

Image Capture of a Video by Swim Swimming via Youtube

Gebrhiwet was leading the Diamond League men’s 5,000-meter race until he found himself celebrating his victory as he crossed the finish line, pumping his fist in the air. But for a moment, he realized it was too early to celebrate. His merry-making was a lap early to be exact.

Trying to recover from the mishap, the 25-year-old runner reportedly tried sprinting to complete the last lap but much to his dismay, time lost is truly hard to recover. He finished at 10th place.

It was a truly shattering experience for him that it would probably haunt him for a long time. But as they say, perhaps it just wasn’t his time to win that event.

In an interview, Gebrhiwet, who’s currently ranked second in the world in the event, explained what really happened. When he was leading, he bared that he saw the cameraman in front of him so he thought they’ve already reached the end of the race.

He also revealed that he did not hear the bell ring, which was apparently a signal for one more lap to go.

“I was confused. When I saw others pass me I started to run. I don’t know how I finished the race, but this was an unfortunate event,” Gebrhiwet have reportedly disclosed.


Image by Hagos Gebrhiwet via Facebook

His mistake then opened the way for his fellow Ethiopian Yomif Kejelcha to take full advantage and went on to win the race in 13 minutes and 0.56 seconds.

Source :

BBC, Tempo