Photos of lawmakers united in prayer over Cayetano, Congress impress netizens

  • Members of the House of Representatives all raised their hands in unity to pray over their newly elected House Speaker Allan Cayetano and all the lawmakers
  • Netizens were impressed at how lawmakers set aside their differences
  • Some netizens also called them out that it’s just for show

Netizens couldn’t help but be impressed with photos of lawmakers praying over Speaker Allan Cayetano.

Images by Princess Riza Sauro via Facebook

During President Rodrigo Duterte’s fourth State of the Nation Address, members of the House of Representatives were led into prayer by CIBAC party-list Representative Bro. Eddie Villanueva.

In an impressive feat showing unity, the lawmakers stood and raised their hands in prayer for their new House Speaker.

Part of Rep. Pastor Eddie’s prayer was revealed on his Facebook page which said, “You willed that we are here today at the 1st day of the 18th Congress, to make a difference for the Philippines and for the Filipinos as lawmakers… Help us, so that history would be kind to us as the future generation remembers this season in our country.”

“God bless the House of Representatives of the 18th Congress,” he added.

Netizen Anthony Minguez shared photos of the pray over and expressed how impressed he was.

He wrote, “What a scene to behold in congress. Prayer even before the first session will start. Lord we continue to pray for the new leaders of our nation.”

The post instantly went viral with over 10,000 reactions. The comments section was also flooded with mixed sentiments from the netizens.

Images by Princess Riza Sauro via Facebook

Netizen R. Ochichai wrote, “Trusting their work to God for wisdom, guidance and unity and peace. Great! So humbling to see.”

Netizen N. Jewelda said, “We are so happy knowing and seeing our leaders praying to our God for the good of our nation. Let’s also pray for all of them.”

Netizen H. Sanchez asked lawmakers to prove it’s not just for show. She said, “Now go and do as Jesus commands, otherwise all your praying is just for show.”

Images by Princess Riza Sauro via Facebook
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