Nikki Valdez gets emotional as she talks about her daughter’s special condition

  • Nikki Valdez opened up about her daughter Olivia’s special condition
  • Olivia has a congenital deformation characterized by missing fingers or toes
  • Nikki shared the journey they had in explaining to her then little girl her condition

Just like any loving mother, Nikki Valdez got emotional as she recalled how time flies so fast when you have a growing child.

Image by Nikki Valdez via Instagram

The celebrity mom also reminisced on the challenges she and her daughter went through in accepting her special condition.

Nikki’s daughter, Olivia, was born with a congenital deformation called Symbrachydactyly. It is an abn0rmality characterized by limb anomalies on the hand or the foot. In Olivia’s case, she’s missing her fingers in one hand.

Olivia will turn 11 years old this month of July. Sharing a photo of a young Olivia, Nikki got emotional as she opened up about her daughter’s special condition.

The loving mother wrote, “I certainly will never forget this year (2012) because it was around this time that you have started to realize that you were different from all the children you meet specially your classmates.”

Nikki shared how she was caught guard when Olivia asked her a question about her condition. She went on, “You even asked, “Mama, when I get to Kinder 2, is my hand going to be bigger too?” I did not know what to answer as I was caught by surprise by your question.”

But she finally found the courage to find the right words to say. She explained that despite her difference, it was Olivia’s heart that will make her do amazing things.

Image by Nikki Valdez via Instagram

“Then one day, I finally had the courage to explain everything to you. My love, you may have a ‘baby hand’, but I know that as you get older, you will achieve great things because of your big heart,” she continued.

Nikki added how much they love her unconditionally. “Remember that we love you no matter what. Babe, 17 more days till you’re 11,” Nikki added.

Last April 2018, Nikki celebrated “Limb Difference Awareness Month.” She shared how Olivia’s daughter calmed her worries by reminding her how smart and beautiful her daughter is, despite her condition.

Image by Nikki Valdez via Instagram
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