Marian donates breastmilk to babies in hospital

  • Marian Rivera-Dantes donates breastmilk to babies in need
  • Her milk is being donated to Baby Mati, a premature baby in the NICU
  • Dingdong Dantes is very proud of his wife, considers her a superwoman

Marian Rivera-Dantes is not just a phenomenal actress, a loving wife, and a caring mother. She also proved that she has a kind heart after donating breastmilk to babies in hospital.

Image via Dingdong Dantes Instagram account

This is what her husband, Dingdong Dantes, revealed on his Instagram post on July 9, 2019.

He posted two pictures on his social media account — one showing Marian and Zia holding packed breastmilk, and another one showing a record of pumped and donated breastmilk.

In his caption, Dingdong said he admires his wife’s dedication to breastfeeding. He is aware that producing breastmilk for their children has not always been easy. Now that she has generous amounts of breastmilk, Dingdong said that Marian chose to donate the excess breastmilk to babies in need.

He also thanked Maricel who served as their link to those babies who need breastmilk.

The Parenting Emporium also posted on their Instagram account a video of Marian, Dingdong, and Zia preparing the packed breastmilk for donation.

According to Marian, she wants to share her breastmilk to babies in need because she knows that not all mothers can produce enough breastmilk for their babies.

Based on The Parenting Emporium’s post, Marian’s breastmilk will be donated to Baby Mati who needs to grow stronger so his parents can finally bring him home from the NICU. The breastmilk will help him fight the life-threatening conditions of being a premature baby.

Image via Dingdong Dantes Instagram account

They also shared that Marian willingly submitted to their screening process. Thus, her breastmilk is safe for babies’ consumption.

They acknowledged Dingdong as well for encouraging his wife to share her breastmilk and for being a supportive husband by making sure that there was enough ice to keep the packed breastmilk frozen until they are put inside freezers.

Zia’s parents involved her in the entire process. For sure, she will remember how generous her parents are and follow their lead in the future.

Image via The Parenting Emporium Instagram account
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