Former Manila mayor calls Isko a ‘living inspiration’

  • Former Manila mayor Alfredo Lim have nothing but praises for incumbent city mayor Isko Moreno
  • Lim, who ran against Moreno and ex-mayor Joseph Estrada last election, called the current mayor “a living inspiration”
  • He said Moreno is an inspiration to those who want to bring back the old glory of the country’s capital city

Former Manila mayor Alfredo Lim have nothing but praises for the incumbent city mayor Isko Moreno.

Image via Ang Bagong Maynila Facebook page

On Facebook, the page Ang Bagong Maynila shared how Moreno was described by Lim; who served as a policeman for three decades, the director of the National Bureau of Investigation for three years, a senator for three years, and the Manila mayor from 1992 to 1998 and from 2007 to 2013. He called the latter “a living inspiration”.

“He (Moreno) is a living inspiration to every individual who wants to bring back time, the old glory of Manila,” he said.

Such post made a lot of social media users happy; thanking Lim for appreciating the efforts of Moreno.

“I salute former mayor Lim, too, for being humble enough to call Mayor Isko Moreno an inspiration and a role model to other mayors. Keep up d good work Mayor Isko!” Facebook user RS wrote on the comments section.

“Thank you, former mayor. You’re a real father who gave way and inspired your child to build, restore, and succeed. It’s a mutual dream of yours and Mayor Isko for your beloved Manila. You’re one of the pillars that we can bank on,” RT said.

Lim was one of the mayoral candidates who competed with Moreno — along with the other former Manila mayor, Joseph Estrada — in the 2019 elections. When he conceded, he said he prays for the success of the new city government under the newly-elected mayor’s leadership; as such will surely be beneficial for the citizens of Manila.

Image via Mayor Alfredo Lim’s Facebook page