Erich Gonzales shares why she keeps her love life private: “It’s something precious”

  • Erich Gonzales opened up about her love life and why she chooses to keep it private
  • She said she wants to protect something “so precious” in her life
  • The actress went on to say she dreams of getting married and having children one day

Erich Gonzales may be a celebrity but she has chosen to keep a part of her life private.

Image by Erich Gonzales via Facebook

The actress opened up on her romantic life and admitted how important it is for her to keep it private. Erich shared her explanation on her recent vlog via her YouTube channel.

In the video, Erich did a quick house tour and proceeded to a “Question and Answer” segment for her fans. When a fan asked her if she is in a relationship, Erich said she’d rather keep that private.

Without revealing much, Erich said she doesn’t post on social media because “I think it’s for the best.”

She went on to add that she is protective of something beautiful by not sharing about it. Erich said, “I want to protect something so precious to me, something beautiful. I don’t want to ruin it so sa akin na lang iyon.”

The actress even revealed her dreams of getting married and having children one day. Erich said she wants to have two children but is open to whatever God has in store for her.

The lovely actress concluded: “Bahala na si Lord kung ilan ang gusto niyang ibiyaya sa akin.”

Image by Erich Gonzales via Facebook

Erich was previously in a relationship with actor-model Daniel Matsunaga. Last 2018, the actress confirmed she has opened up her heart again. At that time, Erich was linked to a business magnate’s son, Mateo Lorenzo. Without revealing much, she said, “Unang una ay wala naman po tayong itinatago. Ako, single po ako and he’s single also.”

You can watch Erich’s vlog from her YouTube channel:

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