Boyfriend prepares ‘epic’ marriage proposal with a surprise dance mob inside a mall

  • A boyfriend prepared a grand marriage proposal right at the atrium of a mall in Davao City
  • Jaz Mendros’ proposal to his girlfriend Karen Joy Macaballug became viral
  • The proposal was complete and even had a surprise dance mob

A guy who’s ready to start his forever with the woman he loves prepared an extravagant marriage proposal inside a mall.

Image by Philip Cuison Photography via Facebook

Jaz Mendros and his girlfriend Karen Joy Macaballug have been together for 10 years. Jaz admitted he already had clear intentions of marrying Karen “since day one.” And on one fine Monday evening, Jaz finally got down on one knee to ask Karen for her hand in marriage.

But this is no ordinary marriage proposal. Jaz said he prepared an “epic” surprise for Karen. Right on stage, at the atrium of Abreeza Mall in Davao City, Jaz showed his grand gesture of love. Complete with backup dancers, Jaz orchestrated a surprise dance mob for his beloved. A tearful Karen was seen watching in awe at the surprise prepared by her boyfriend.

For the grand finale, Jaz brought Karen on stage. After professing his love, a huge tarpaulin bearing the message, “Will you marry me?” appeared on stage.

The crowd was in cheers as Karen answered, yes. Mallgoers also couldn’t help but clap in delight as they witnessed the proposal.

Karen’s parents were there for the proposal. Her father said he was pleased with what Jaz prepared for his daughter. Karen’s mother also admitted feeling overwhelmed.

Image by Philip Cuison Photography via Facebook

The couple welcomed the hugs and well wishes from their friends and families who were present for the event.

On social media, netizens too were impressed. Many tagged their partners hinting to get something grand as well. Others sent messages of congratulations for the couple.

You can click on the image below to watch the trending marriage proposal via Philip Cuison Photography via Facebook page:

Image by Philip Cuison Photography via Facebook
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