“Beauty, brain, strength”: Liza Soberano praises Jane De Leon as new Darna

  • Liza Soberano has nothing but good words for the new “Darna,” Jane De Leon
  • She said she reached out to Jane to offer her help and support if ever she feels pressured with the role
  • Jane also reacted and appreciated Liza’s kind gesture

Liza Soberano has nothing but praise for the new “Darna,” Jane De Leon.

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Even though Jane replaced Liza for the coveted role of “Darna”, the latter sure did not harbor any ill feelings towards Jane. On the contrary, Liza is looking forward to the success of Jane.

Liza shared she believes Jane embodies the iconic Pinay superhero. She told MJ Felipe of ABS-CBN, “I’m so happy for Jane de Leon and Star Cinema. I believe she embodies everything Darna possesses. Beauty, brains, strength, empathy and kindness.”

The Alone/Together star even revealed that she reached out to Jane as soon as she heard the news. Liza also assured Jane she’s willing to lend a helping hand if the pressure of the role gets to her.

“I messaged her as soon as I found out & told her if ever she feels the weight of responsibility bestowed upon her she can always talk to me,” Liza said.

The actress added she’s excited for Jane and the “Darna” movie’s success. Liza said, “I’m so excited for her career & to watch the movie! I can already feel Darna’s success.”

The 21-year-old actress had to beg off from the role of Darna due to a finger injury sustained while filming her primetime TV series, “Bagani” with Enrique Gil.

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Meanwhile, Jane also shared her appreciation for Liza’s kind gesture. On Twitter, she said, “She’s so sweet and nice. Nag-usap na rin kami. Thank you! See you soon @lizasoberano.”

Fans were also thrilled over the interaction of the two young women. Netizen Donna wrote, “There’s so much room for women to be whole without tearing each other down. Stop comparing, start empowering! Soar high, Darna!”

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