Back rider accosted by traffic enforcers for using cooking pot as helmet

  • A man thought he could get away with using “kaldero” as a helmet but he was wrong
  • He was later accosted by authorities and was fined for violating city ordinance
  • Aside from being fined, he was also suspended from his work as security personnel

This is not your ordinary traffic violation.

Image capture of a Video by Mark Leones Martin via Facebook

A man was accosted for trying to outwit traffic enforcers by wearing a cooking pot or “kaldero” as a helmet last July 8 in Tuguegarao City.

In a now viral video, for a moment, the man was seen holding the pot while waiting for his companion to power up the motorcycle and the next thing he did made him an instant internet personality — “kaldero man” and a traffic violator at the same time.

Before riding into the motorcycle as a back rider, “kaldero man” put on the pot on his head as if it was a helmet. He even managed to wave as they started speeding off along Poblacion in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan.

The incredibly funny moment ended there as he was later accosted by authorities from the Traffic Management Group in Tuguegarao City for the apparent violation.

In a report, “kaldero man” was identified as Rodolfo Chavez, Jr., a security guard, and a resident of Solana, Cagayan. A citation ticket for violating a traffic ordinance of the city was issued on him.

The head of the Public Order and Security Unit in the city, Maj. Vhince Blancad, did not find Rodolfo’s antics funny but an insult to the city’s ordinance.

Image Capture of a Video by Saidie Usman Bani via Facebook

“Isa pong insulto sa batas trapiko ang ginawa ni Rodolfo at kasama nito, kaya naman inisyuhan ng citation ticket para magmulta,” Blancad said in a report.

Indeed the incident was just funny at first as it also resulted to Rodolfo and his companion’s relief from their positions in their agency. The report said they might be suspended for a month to six months.

May this be a lesson to them and to everybody that it’s okay to be funny and resourceful but never when you are already violating rules.