After Lauren Young called out “Chinese-only” resto, it ‘corrected’ its policy

  • Lauren Young found out her favorite restaurant is under a new management
  • The resto put up a sign that says they are catering only to Chinese customers
  • After it sparked online debate, the resto changed its sign

Lauren Young shared her disappointment upon discovering that her favorite restaurant has been sold and the new management has a “Chinese-only” policy.

Image by Lauren Young via Instagram

On Twitter, the actress shared a photo of a signage posted by a restaurant in Subic. It had a message written, “For Chinese customer only.”

Lauren couldn’t help but lament on how such policy was allowed. She complained, “Is this even legal? (My fave resto in Subic has been sold and this sign is up) I really want to know if business owners are allowed to do this.”

She went on to share an analogy if she was allowed to put up a restaurant exclusive for certain people.

Lauren explained, “If I had a restaurant am I allowed to put up these signs for example: ‘Only for dog Customers. Only for Filipino Customers'”

Her Twitter post quickly earned a lot of reactions from netizens. Netizen JL Domingo called out the attention of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). He tweeted, “This is illegal according to DTI. Please take a look at this @DtiPhilippines.”

The official account of DTI urged Lauren to file a complaint at the Consumer Protection and Advocacy Bureau.

Meanwhile, the restaurant has decided to change its signage after it sparked a debate. Their signage now reads, “Correction! We also serve Chinese food.”

Image by Lauren Young via Twitter

Last May, the DTI has ordered the Las Piñas City government to shut down a Chinese food park for not having necessary documents. The said food park also sparked discussions online after it was said it was exclusively catering to Chinese customers only.

Image by Lauren Young via Twitter
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