Disabled turtle gets chance to walk normally again through detachable wheels

  • A turtle l0st both of his back legs so his owners decided to bring him to a veterinary hospital
  • His back legs were replaced with a “wheelchair” which can be snapped off from him when he needs to be cleaned
  • It looks like a turtle toy with the wheels of a toy car on the back

Wheelchairs are, apparently, not only for humans.

A turtle named Pedro had already l0st one of his legs when he was adopted, but recently, he ‘ran’ away, only to l0se another leg.

Image Capture of a Video by LSU via Facebook

So when he came back, his owners brought him to a veterinary h0spital to check if he was fine. Doctors then concluded that aside from l0sing both of his back legs, he was quite fine.

According to a  report, doctors decided to at least make Pedro’s life still normal. Using a Lego car kit, some syringe parts, and animal-safe epoxy, Pedro’s little wheels to replace his back legs were created.

At first look, Pedro looks like a toy with two back wheels  but in reality those wheels will serve as his legs for the rest of his life.

Like a normal wheelchair, Pedro’s caboose can be snapped off the bottom of his shell so he can stay clean.

Image Capture of a Video by LSU via Facebook

An official of the veterinary hospital said that the procedure was actually normal in their field; adding that majority of special equipment used has been “fashioned or re-fashioned for a specific case.”

It’s just an amazing story to tell that no matter what you are in this world, you are given the chance to live your life better with the help of concerned people.