“Trash to cash”: Student earns by making impressive artwork out of discarded boxes

  • A student turns discarded boxes into impressive works of art
  • Sebastian Cacho turns boxes into robots, insects, animals and others
  • He is proud of his work and has is even earning from it 

It is indeed true that there’s money in trash. Especially for a creative artist, anything can be turned into something sellable, including trash.

Image by Sebastian Cacho via Facebook

For Sebastian Cacho seeing discarded cardboard boxes could mean two things – art and cash.

Indeed, this creative student has turned his passion into a business. Not only that; he is even helping out reduce waste through recycling.

Image by Sebastian Cacho via Facebook

On his Facebook page, we could see Sebastian’s impressive works of art. Using old carton and cardboard boxes, he makes robots, insects such as praying mantis, centipede with very intricate details. 

Sebastian said in an interview with Umagang Kay Ganda that since he likes collecting robots, he decided to make his own. 

Image by Sebastian Cacho via Facebook

The cardboard artist shared he was only 13 years old when he started making his own robots and artworks out of cartons. It usually takes him 4 hours to build one cardboard robot. 

Sebastian revealed he gets his inpsiration from TV, movies and comics that he enjoys watching.

The teenager shared that he enjoys making his free time productive by making cardboard art. He’s also encouraging others to reuse and recycle whenever they can. 

Image by Sebastian Cacho via Facebook

“Maganda po itong libangan ng mga teenager tulad ko dahil imbes na magco-computer ka lang, sasayangin mo oras mo, ito na lang po magandang libangan,“ Sebastian said.

Sebastian’s talent has already taken him far. On his Facebook account, he shared the many impressed customers who bought his artworks.

A customer praised the young artist, saying, “ Salamat rin, Baste. Your inborn talent and hard work will get you far in life. Use them wisely, stay inspired and remember to always dream big! Truly proud to have your work.”

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