Throwback on Eddie Garcia sharing how he coped after losing two children, wife

  • Eddie Garcia shared how he coped with losing his two children and his wife
  • He lost his then 22-year-old son to a motorcycle incident
  • He lost his wife because of the big C
  • He also lost his then 39-year-old daughter to heart attack

Eddie Garcia may play the tough star on TV but in real life, he is actually tougher as he faced several adversities, including the loss of his two children and wife.

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The veteran actor is now at peace and many netizens couldn’t help but imagine that he is now happily reunited with his two children and wife.

After the passing of Garcia, a 2013 interview of him with Ces Oreña-Drilon on ANC’s Pipol has recently resurfaced. In the video, Drilon gets real and candid with the movie icon on how his life has been. “Manoy” was 84 years old at that time.

One topic raised was the tragic passing of Garcia’s two children and wife. Even if he has lived almost his entire life in the limelight, the actor has often been private with his family life.

Garcia’s child who passed away was his eldest; a son who was on his way to following his footsteps as an actor. A motorcycle accident in 1971 claimed his life when he was only 22 years old.

Garcia shared that his son had appeared in two films before his demise. One movie was with Nora Aunor and the other was with Vilma Santos.

The actor’s wife succumbed to the big C in 1995, while his youngest daughter, at age 39, had a heart attack.

Being a widower and losing two children, it felt like the world has fallen for Garcia. But he admitted he had no choice but to move on. He said, “Well, that is inevitable. So, you have to live with it.”

“Well, life must go on,” he said back then.

You can watch the interview from ANC 24/7 YouTube channel:

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