This bracelet gives you an electric shock to break your bad habits like eating too much fast food

  • A bracelet called Pavlok 2 can stop you from doing anything too much
  • It can break your bad habits by sending signals to your body
  • You can wear it anytime and anywhere and still stay trendy

Are you one of those people who wants to lose weight but still struggling and could not find ways to do it in the most effective way? Or are you trying to save money but cannot help giving in to cravings and temptations?

Do not fret, because now you can lose weight or save money easily with the help of this bracelet!

Images via Pavlok website

Pavlok 2 bracelet can help in solving any of your personal issues including eating too much, buying things excessively, surfing the net more, and even your oversleeping habit.

This bracelet is connected to its own mobile app under the same name. You just need to wear the bracelet and push the button or use the control in the mobile app every time you feel like doing the particular behavior you want to stop.

The bracelet will instantly give you an electric sh0ck of 350-volt and can store up to 150 shocks in a fully-charged battery.

But if you are someone who cannot really control yourself, here is another good news for you, because your friends can also download the app and connect it to your Pavlok bracelet.

They could send the signal to your bracelet to give you a zap whenever they catch you doing your bad habits.

Unlike some of the personal habits that you need to manually control and stop, there are also habits that you can set through the app which automatically send signals like sleeping or surfing the internet.

Image via Pavlok website

According to the inventor of the bracelet in an interview with ABC News, “pain can help you break your bad habits.”

A Pavlok bracelet can be bought through their website or through Amazon for $199 or 10,223 in Philippine peso.

All of us have bad habits that we need to stop. Are you one of those people who are willing to buy and try this bracelet in order to change your ways and have a better version of yourself?

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