Take note: Devices that are turned off but plugged in are still consuming electricity

Look around your house. Notice that some of your appliances or electronic devices are still plugged in the outlet even if it is not being used.

You should know that even if these devices are turned off but still plugged in, they still consume electricity.

The incident when a device is still draining power from the outlet where it is plugged in even if it is turned off is called phantom power house or vampire electricity.

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Study says that most plugged-in appliances only drain low electricity levels. But with unused electronics that are plugged in, it consume a lot of power that greatly affect your electricity bill.

Just think about the number of unused appliances and gadgets at your house. If these devices are still plugged in, they still cost you a whole lot of electricity that is reflected on your electric bill!

While some electronics even when turned off still consume power because of its standby or idle mode, take note that anything with a transformer or power cord draws electricity as long as it is plugged in.

Some appliances and electronics that consume large amount of electricity includes: Desktop/laptop computers, televisions, coffeemaker, radio, and lamp.

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When you unplug an unused device at your home, you do not only save electricity but also the environmental energy sources.

Most electronic devices such as gadgets and chargers are better turned off and unplugged so you can use it for a long period of time.

Being a responsible electric consumer is one of our duties at home and in our environment. It is simple and easy: turn off and unplug unused devices! Lower bills are sure to make us smile.