Skyscraper in Ohio displays huge ‘Pride’ mural made of 26,000 post-it notes

It’s rainbows everywhere this Pride Month.

A skyscraper in Cincinnati, Ohio has joined the global movement to proudly honor and express support to the LGBT community by creating a huge mural made of post-it notes for everyone to see.

Ninety-six windows of the building were covered with 26,000 post-it cards to spell the word “Pride” from the 9th to the 16th floor. The huge pride mural has the colors of the Pride flag.

Image Capture of a Video by Cincinnati Bell via Vimeo

According to a report, more than 100 employees of the Cincinnati Bell created the mural in honor of the LGBT Pride Month.

A video of the mural was shared by the company on Facebook last June 13.

“We decided to go a little bigger on our second time around with a “Pride” flag in honor of Pride month,” Cincinnati Bell said on the post.

“We have been working on this post-it art design for the past month and today we got to see it come to life. With the design consisting of 26,000 post-it notes, seven stories, and 96 windows, here is the final product! Enjoy,” it continued.

Image via Pixabay

The gesture of the company to extend its support to the LGBT community does not stop there as they will also sponsor a Pride Parade in Cincinnati on June 22.

“I am so proud of our Pride Employee Resource Group members, and their leadership in driving Cincinnati Bell’s Pride Month celebrations,” President and CEO of Cincinnati Bell Leigh Fox said in a report.

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