Are these photos of Coco Martin and Julia Montes together recent takes?

  • There are several photos of Coco Martin and Julia Montes together
  • It is claimed to be latest photos of the couple 
  • Many netizens were intrigued, especially when many noticed that the photos were allegedly taken at Coco’s house

Netizens are abuzz after several photos of Coco Martin and Julia Montes surfaced online.

Image by CocoJul_Baliwags via Instagram

In the photos, Julia Montes can be seen alone wearing shorts and black shirt. In the last photo, it shows Coco Martin talking to her; wearing a white shirt and denim pants.

The photos were shared on one of Coco-Julia fan accounts, “cocojul_baliwags” on Instagram and claimed to be the latest photos of the couple.

Quick-eyed netizens easily commented that the house seems familiar.

Some said the house, allegedly, belongs to Coco Martin. If true, many “CocoJul” fans rejoiced at the thought that Julia might actually already be living in the actor’s house with their rumored lovechild.

Image by CocoJul_Baliwags via Instagram

Despite Julia and Coco being mum about their rumored relationships, many netizens couldn’t contain themselves to hear more news about the popular showbiz couple.

Julia has been on hiatus after several showbiz insiders claimed she got pregnant and gave birth to a lovechild with Coco.

Showbiz insiders like talent manager Ogie Diaz stood by his claim that Julia got pregnant and gave birth. He posted on his Facebook page’s “Mama Og’s”, that the public should let Julia enjoy motherhood. 

The actor has also been mum on the issue. Coco neither denied nor confirmed that he is in a relationship with Julia and that they have a baby together.

Image via Instagram | Coco Martin

The “FPJ Ang Probinsyano” star wrote a lengthy post on his Instagram which seemed to allude to Julia’s pregnancy.

He wrote, “Ang hindi ko pagkibo at hindi pagpatol sa mga bagay na hindi ikauunlad ng ating bayan ay hindi kabaklaan at kaduwagan.”

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