Man who won $30M lotto prize ordered by court to split it 50/50 with ex-wife

  • A man from Michigan won $30 million as lotto prize
  • Rich and Mary Beth Zelasko have been living separately when he bought the ticket
  • The Court ruled out that he has to give half of his winning to his wife since their divorce wasn’t over yet when he bought the ticket
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Lotto outlets can be easily found in the Philippines. Many Filipinos are fond of playing the betting game in the hope of hitting jackpot prizes which will alleviate them from money-related hiccups.

Well, what if one day you do get lucky but after claiming your prize, suddenly, the Court orders you to split your winning 50/50 with your ex-spouse even though you’ve already separated when you bought the ticket?

Quite a shock, right?

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A man from Detroit probably felt a little less lucky when he was recently ordered by a Court to split his $30-million lottery payout with his ex-wife even though the two have been leading separate lives for two years when he bought the Mega Millions ticket in 2013.

A Michigan appeals court favored Mary Beth Zelasko in legally owning half of the $30-million lotto prize won by her former husband Rich Zelasko since their divorce has not yet been finalized when he bought the ticket.

The appellate court ruled that a marriage isn’t over until it is over; hence, it sided with the earlier decision of arbitrator John Mills.

“Losses throughout the marriage were incurred jointly, so should winning be shared jointly,” the arbitrator argued, as per Business Insider.

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The lotto winner’s counsel in their court filing argued that “Rich was lucky, but it was his luck, not Mary’s, that produced the lottery proceeds.”

The appeals court, however, said it found no error in the arbitrator’s decision.