Makisig Morales marries in a beautiful wedding in Australia, posts loving message to wife

  • Child star Makisig Morales married his fiancé Nicole Joson in a wedding in Australia
  • For Makisig, getting married at 22 years old is worth it because he has found God’s chosen one for him
  • Makisig wrote a sweet message to his wife saying how grateful he is to have met her

Just in case you haven’t heard it yet, Super Inggo is now married.

Image by Makisig Morales via Instagram

Makisig Morales married his fiancé Nicole Joson in a beautiful beach wedding in La Perouse, Sydney. The wedding was on a cliff overlooking the ocean as everyone was in white and casual beach clothes.

Makisig shared with Push that during their wedding day, he was jittery but excited.

Asked on why he got hitched while he’s just 22 years old, Makisig answered with a question.

Image by Nicole Joson via Instagram

He said, “Bakit mo pa patatagalin ang pagiging mag boyfriend or girlfriend kung dun din naman hahantong sa kasalan?”

Makisig said he believes Nicole is God’s chosen one for him. He also added that he considered his father’s advice that if they wait a bit longer, they become more prone to temptations.

On Instagram, Makisig posted a short but loving message for his wife.

He quoted a verse in the Bible, Ephesians 6:24-33, that tells how husbands should love their wives, the way God loves the church.

Makisig added, “I didn’t look for love and instead love found me and brought me back to him. I am grateful to be your other half my love. I love you, Nicole.”

Nicole also posted a lovely photo of her with her husband and wrote, “A man who would lead you to God and not sin, is definitely worth the wait.”