Inday Sara denies asking Duterte for Quiboloy’s SUV gift

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte denied she asked her father President Rodrigo Duterte to keep a vehicle gifted by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.

Image by Davao City Public Information via Facebook page

Inday Sara recently released a statement clarifying she isn’t aware of an SUV given by Quiboloy; an international evangelist who is a close friend of her father.

The President’s daughter reacted to a 2016 published news article where then Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and already a presidential candidate revealed he received gifts from Quiboloy.

Duterte said Quiboloy gifted him with three properties in Woodridge Park, Ma-a, in Davao City, a Nissan Safari and a Ford Expedition.

The then presidential candidate said he wanted to return the Expedition but Inday Sara insisted to keep it.

“Binigyan ako ng Expedition, pagpunta ako ng airport P300, hindi na makabalik. Sabi ko, ‘Iyo na iyan.’ Binalik ko. Tapos, itong si Inday nagwala kasi gusto niya. Sabi ko, ‘Saan ka ba kukuha ng pang-gasolina? Duterte said at that time.

Image by Apollo Quiboloy via Facebook

Inday Sara refuted the story and said “it never happened.”

She went on to say she has never seen a Ford Expedition given by Quiboloy.

“I never saw an Expedition vehicle allegedly given by Pastor Quiboloy. PRRD [Duterte] may have referred to another person with Inday as a name or he incorrectly remembered events,” her statement reads.

“Perhaps, the story told by PRRD, the time when he was still Mayor of Davao in May 2016, was just another one of his jokes, which he usually peddles to the media. The problem was it went unchecked and was taken by the media hook, line, and sinker. It was reported as truth,” she added

Sara called the story “unfair and injurious to me.”

President Duterte has often mentioned how he discourages Inday Sara to seek the presidency. He fears Sara will be in the center of lies and insults if she decided to run in the Presidential election.