Filipino string orchestra wows Vatican audience

Filipinos never fail to amaze an international audience when they pour their heart out in performing.

Image by Pundaquit Virtuosi via Facebook

Like what a Zambales-based string orchestra group did when they performed before members of the Vatican diplomatic corps in the historic Santa Pudenziana Basilica in Rome in celebration of the Independence Day.

According to a report, the orchestra group — Pundaquit Virtuosi — is composed of children from families of fisherfolk and farmers in Zambales, Pampanga, and Bataan. It was founded by the world-renowned violinist Alfonso “Coke” Bolipata, who also serves at the group’s maestro.

During the event, they performed a mixture of western classical pieces and classical Filipino pieces before “a packed crowd of Vatican-accredited ambassadors, young Filipino students from the Philippine Schools of Rome and long-term Filipino residents and workers.”

Image by Pundaquit Virtuosi via Facebook

It was also disclosed that young Filipino students, who witnessed the performance, were very vocal in their appreciation of the performance.

The Filipino group’s performance was described as “bursting at times with Filipino vigor and a particular rhythm that could be characterized as something that one could partly ascribe to our unique Latin heritage in Asia.”

The same report said that the Pundaquit Virtuosi was in Italy after completing the first leg of its 2019 European tour.

Image by Pundaquit Virtuosi via Facebook

It was also stated that the group’s performance in Rome aims to introduce classical Filipino pieces to the Filipino youth in Italy as well as to give them a higher level of cultural exposure to western classical pieces.

The Church of Pudenziana, where the Filipino orchestra group performed, is the oldest place of Christian worship in Rome. It is where Saint Peter first celebrated the Holy Mass in Rome.

According to a separate report, the group will perform in Germany, Austria, Spain, and Portugal until July 4.