Diaper brand, to install 5,000 changing tables in men’s restrooms across US and Canada

Modern dads can now level up their game when it comes to child rearing and creating new unique memories with their kids.

Pampers, an international diaper brand, announced last June 10 that they are planning to install 5,000 changing tables in men’s restrooms across the US and Canada.

Based on their research, 9 out of 10 dads have gone into men’s public restrooms only to find out that there’s no baby changing table available when their kids need it the most.

Such a hassle for loving fathers, right?

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“We know that dads want to be able to bond with their children by taking them out and about, and that means the inevitable diaper-duty no matter where they are,” said Andre Schulten, Vice President and General Manager Baby Care North America, Procter & Gamble.

“In many instances today, instead of it being an easy, straightforward task it’s a moment that causes angst because the facilities needed are not always available,” he added.

The company has decided to put up changing tables in men’s restrooms so they can help hands-on fathers provide a much more comfortable experience to their child when there’s a need to change their diapers.

According to their press release, Pampers have already identified 500 locations for their newest initiative. They also said that the installation is set to be completed over the next few weeks.

They have partnered with Koala Kare to identify additional high-need public locations for this project particularly on babies visiting places such as parks and recreation centers, community centers and libraries in cities across the United States and Canada.

Image via Pamper’s Official website

Pampers has been made aware of the changing table inequality especially when a photo of a father went viral on social media last October 2018.

In the picture, Dante Palmer is seen squatting against a wall of a restroom and using his legs as an alternative changing table to change his son’s diaper.

This commitment from one of the biggest diaper brands goes to show that Pampers acknowledges the responsibilities of modern fathers. This will also allow hands-on dads to provide the best care for their kids even outside their homes.